Connie Bauer

5th Grade

This year is going to be a very exciting year for fifth grade!  We will be trying out some new, fun activities.  


Fifth grade math covers everything from reviewing basic addition and subtraction in the beginning of the year to multiplying and dividing fractions towards the end of the year.

Currently in reading we use a McGraw-Hill publication. It consists of a reading selection that is used to develop and practice a specific reading skill, such as steps in a process. Each selection has associated vocabulary, one or more skill lessons, skill review, oral reading, pair reading, listening, and silent reading comprehension. We work as a whole class, in pair groupings, and in small group settings each week. 


Spelling in fifth grade takes a jump from previous grade levels.  Not only will we be reviewing phonics learned in previous years, but we will also be discussing the meanings of words and we will learn to apply them in our daily vocabulary.  We will have a spelling test weekly so please study words at home daily.  Students will be in charge of creating their own spelling list to study at home.  


This will be a fun and exciting year in Science.  Students will be collaborating together to perform investigations with our science units.  We will be using Foss kits, which are hands on kits, that allow us to investigate our hypothesis and theories we develop in class.  

Social Studies

Social Studies in fifth grade begins with the introduction of people and lands before European exploration. Students use their understanding of social studies concepts and cause-and-effect relationships to study the development of America through the establishment of the United States as a new nation. By applying what they know from civics, economics and geography, and a developing sense of history, students learn the ideals, principles, and systems that shaped this country’s founding. They conclude the fifth grade by applying their understanding of the country’s founding and the ideals in the nation’s fundamental documents to issues of importance to them today.

Connie Bauer
5th Grade
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Connie Bauer earned her Bachelor's degree from Wichita State University in Elementary Education and has been teaching in the classroom since 2011.