Rebbecca Zoglmann

              WELCOME TO COUNSELOR'S CORNER                   

This year I will use the Lion's Quest program in grades K-2. The Lions Quest program teaches students skills necessary for everyday success. These skills are part of Kansas's vision for social and emotional growth for all our students.  Some of the skills we will address through Lion's Quest include:
 • Learning to accept responsibility
 • Communicating effectively 
• Setting goals 
• Making healthy decisions 
• Resisting pressure to use alcohol and drugs 

The Lions Quest program: 
• Provide research-based classroom resources for teachers and age-appropriate learning material for students
 • Present opportunities for students to learn and practice skills that build and enhance positive relationships
 • Involve the family and community in supporting the development of young people

Classroom Visits Schedule:

Monday: 1:00-1:30, Ms. Suppes

First Grade: 
Monday: 11:35-12:05, Mrs. Ast
Wednesday: 11:35-12:05, Mrs. Coon

Second Grade: 
Wednesday: 12:15-1:00, Mrs. Cotton and Mr. Schmanke

Third Grade:
Monday: 8:05-8:35, Mrs. Osner

Fourth Grade:  
Wednesday: 8:45-9:15, Mrs. Wheeler

Fifth Grade: 
Tuesday: 10:30-11:00, Mrs. Bauer
Wednesday: 2:40-3:10, Mrs. Rader

Rebbecca Zoglmann   
School Counselor K-8
620-456-2966 ext: 1019 (KTE)
620-456-2965 ext: 2107 (CSMS)