Sherry Ast

Sherry Ast - 1st Grade


A new story will be introduced every week with 4-6 vocabulary/sight words that students will be responsible for learning. 


First grade will learn Saxon Phonics which is a program that teaches students coding marks as a strategy for decoding words. All Saxon Phonics will be done in class.


Shurley English will be taught in first grade. The parts of speech first grade will be responsible for learning is subject noun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, object of preposition and article adjective.


In first grade Saxon Math is the curriculum we use.  We will have four lessons followed by a test. Some key skills include learning to add and subtract to 18, time to the hour and half hour, graphing, problem solving, money, plane shapes, geometric solids and place value.

Social Studies 

Science and social studies will be taught with a hands-on-approach. Some key concepts include sun, moon and stars, sound, holidays, life cycles, animals, citizenship and families.

Our spelling words will coincide with our reading story for the week.  Our spelling list will consist of 6 words that can be decoded and 4 sight or vocabulary words that cannot be decoded. 

Name  Sherry Ast    
Subject  1st Grade 
Phone  620-456-2966 Ext. 1008
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Hello parents and students. I am starting my 26th year of teaching at Conway Springs. I am married and have three daughters. I graduated from Wichita State with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and then  completed my Masters of Education at Baker University. I am excited for a new school year to begin! 

Sherry Ast,
Aug 25, 2015, 7:51 AM