Dennis Kerr

5th Grade Band

Fifth Grade Band is the first class in developing a students ability to play an instrument while reading music. Students focus on Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion instruments to develop a strong individual and ensemble performance. This class develops beginning to basic skill in order to perform 2 concerts per year.

Senseney Music is currently closed until April 24th.

If you need supplies, DAMM music is using a drive by pickup for reeds, oils etc.

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8945 W Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67212

(316) 773-9060

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Beginner Parents Letter 16-17.pdf

Due Apr 13, 1:00 PM

Dennis Kerr



MS Band Room

This is my 22nd year teaching in Conway Springs having spent the previous 16 years in Blackwell, OK, Goddard, KS and Wichita. I hold Bachelors & Masters degrees in Music Education from Wichita State University and am the immediate Past President of the Kansas Bandmasters Association. Currently I serve as the Coordinator for the KBA Marching Band Championship and have co-chaired the KMEA 1234A State Honor Band along with my wife Ellen

Play line 91 Banana Boat Song

See if your parents can recognize what movie this was used in.

Line 91 Banana Boat Song Accompaniment

Do your warm-ups on Lines 86, 87, 88. Work for great sounds on every note and correct tonguing, especially on 8th notes.

Line 90 Variations on a Familiar Theme--Read the information in the yellow box labeled Theory about what a Theme & Variations is.

Line 90 contains 2 different variations. Variation 1 is a rhythmic variation. It uses the correct melody but changes the rhythms to create the variation.

Variation 2 is a melodic variation, meaning that it adds different notes between the original theme to create a melody based on the original theme.

Practice playing line 90 and submit a recording of you playing this line.