Mr. Schmanke - Second Grade

We are using the Clever system again this year, which allows students easy access to all online programs with one simple login. The will use their Clever badge at school and at home to access programs. The Clever badge is located on the back of their homework folder.

Mr. Schmanke taught first grade in Haysville for 11 years. This is his fifth year at Kyle Trueblood Elementary. He holds a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a master's degree in Educational Administration, both from Kansas State University.

Keith Schmanke

2nd Grade



In second grade students will be working on addition and subtraction strategies, 2D geometry, time, money, data interpretation, and measurement. Please practice math facts daily! There may be math and math fact periodically. The Ready Math series has an online component that can be used at home as well, called i-Ready. This is available on each student's Clever homepage.


Kitten Match Addition

Jet Ski Addition

Island Chase Subtraction

Math Man Addition

Lazer Maze

Extra Math

Number Bonds Game (Sums of 10)

Number Bonds Game (Sums11-20)

Addition Blocks Game

Sum Blocks Game

Math Magician





We are using the Wonders reading series again this year! The new series will allow for communication and activities to be done on line. This is available on each student's Clever homepage.

Other Language Arts Sites

Epic Books


Punctuation Paintball


We will have a spelling test weekly. Please practice words at home daily! This is available on each student's Clever homepage.

Spelling City